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Harsimran Kaur is a 17-year-old high school student from India. She is a self-published author of The Best I Can Do Is to Write My Heart Out, I am Perfectly Imperfect, and Clementines on My Poetry Table and has contributed to three anthologies. Her creative writing pieces have been published (or forthcoming) in The Book of Matches Literary Mag, BULL Magazine, Cathartic Literary Magazine, Trouvaille Review, KNACK Magazine, Indus Woman Writing, VOV Takhte, StoryMirror, TeenInk among many other global literary platforms. As the youngest member of the prestigious literary forum of her city, she has also contributed her writings to various magazines. Her entry in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021 won her a Gold Award. She also won the first prize for the Creators of Justice Literary Award 2021 in the youth division. She has also been recognized by media channels and platforms such as Burning Desires, Criticspace Journals, Book Reader Magazine, Jag Bani, Daily Post Punjabi, Rozana Spokesman, Fastway Network, RPD News Canada, The Kalgidhar Trust, Living India, Kapurthala Ajit, etc. Her writings have also been recognized by the India Book of Records and have been honored and awarded as well. She also runs a book club called Pastlores. You can know more about her ventures at www.harsimranwritesbooks.com/.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief
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Pavni Behl is a 16-year-old high school student from India. She has always been interested in creative writing and the arts, which led her to study humanities at her school. She was chosen as a Digital Champion by YLAC Digital Champion Program. As an active participant in inter-school competitions, she has been honored with various awards in various categories. English is her most cherished subject. She loves to put her thoughts on paper, the reason why she started writing in the first place!

Creative Director, General Editor, Opine Magos

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Angad Sinha is a 16-year-old student who studies commerce at Ryan International School, Noida. As an international level musician, his interest in the arts is adamant. In his view, music can express his emotions clearly - the emotions he can never put into words. He is a district-level athlete as well.

Outreach Director

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Venya Sharma is a 14-year-old student from India. She has always been very enthusiastic about making the world a better place. She is a singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and writer who has a soft corner for animals. In addition, she also runs an Instagram called Fauna Faction, where she fights against animal cruelty and promote veganism. However, she is terrified of insects! She is a part of her school's basketball team too. She recently got her story and poem published in an anthology contest and also won an all-India scholarship programme called Lenovo SmarterEd by Hindustan Times, for an essay she wrote about online education.

General Editor, Opine Magos

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Ananta Bhairali is a 16 year-old-girl studying in Sarvottam International School, Noida. She is an aspiring director, a huge cinephile, a book lover and an artist of her own dedicated to world peace and actions of kindness. She loves raising her voice towards injustice and has been an active MUNer. She has participated and won several Olympiads and is currently doing her best as a head in her school's student council.

General Editor, Opine Magos

Tanisha Kainth is an eighth-grader from Ohio, United States. She has always been interested in the arts - the reason that made her intrigued about The Creative Zine in the first place. She is looking forward to intern for the Teach Children Program, a project initiated by The Creative Zine. She is an illustrator who looks forward to share her artwork in Opine Magos.

Intern, Teach Children Program