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a conversation with Matt Parkin

by Harsimran Kaur

Matt Parkin is a four-time Gen Z founder and LinkedIn content creator. He helps job seekers, entrepreneurs, and executives build their personal brand and leverage LinkedIn to realize its full potential.


Picture Courtesy: Matt Parkin

Blogwriting is a great way of effectively sharing ideas...Thoughts?

Writing online in public is a great way to strengthen your writing skills and share your ideas with others. My writing has greatly improved from writing 300+ LinkedIn posts and numerous blogs and articles over the past two years. It helped me be a better writer in the classroom and the workplace while strengthening my personal brand and adding value for others. 


Writing online presents a great opportunity to build your digital portfolio on Medium or LinkedIn and acts as a perfect conversation starter for people to refer to your blog posts when they see you. 


If you’re ever looking for ideas to write about, consider interviewing someone for a post, similar to this article you’re reading right now. It allows others to share their experiences and provides you with content for your audience - it’s a win-win! 

As a GenZ, I came of age on the internet. Pretty much all of my media consumption is centred around the internet, in one way or another. It has shaped my ways of learning and unlearning. From your website, I see that you’ve spoken about LinkedIn with high schoolers and university students. What sort of advice would you give to someone who wants to grow their network through LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is often seen as a job search platform but it’s so much more than that. It’s a great opportunity to learn, meet others, and grow alongside a supportive community. I’ve had job offers, clients, mentors, mentees, co-founders, partners and friends come my way from being active on LinkedIn. 


The easiest way to get started is to set aside 15mins per day to leave 5-10 insightful comments on other posts in your niche. Whether that be an industry you’re interested in working in (finance) or a topic you’re passionate about (fitness), you can search for hashtags or keywords to find posts related to the topic. 


When you comment on a post, the author’s network will see your name, headshot, headline and comment. Your network will also see the person’s post - it’s a win-win! 


Once you get comfortable with commenting, creating your own posts is a great next step to grow your network. Sharing learnings, tips and tricks from your experiences can build your personal brand and add value for others on the platform. 


I’ve created 300+ posts on LinkedIn the past two years, reaching 1.2M+ across 70 countries - I don’t even know 70 countries! So trust me when I tell you, LinkedIn can and will change your life for the better if you put the time in and open yourself to a world of possibilities and friendships.

We are a literary organization that works to support the flow and diversity of ideas, and  we always like to wrap up our interviews with a book question! Tell us about a book that you like! Why do you like it?

Atomic Habits is my go-to personal development book. Lots of great tips and systems to help create new habits and break old ones. Very motivational and worth re-reading too. 

Learn more about Matt at his website and LinkedIn.

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