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The Creative Zine is an online quarterly student-run publication founded in 2021. It is run by ambitious high school students with an interdisciplinary approach to the craft of writing, editing & publishing. The zine features the creative work of artists from all walks of life in order to recognize inclusion, representation & diversity in the publication sector. The Creative Zine believes in forging creativity in adversity.

Anne Casey

"Danger in Low-Lying Areas"

published in issue 1

"For days I passed

the black screen—

berating and blaming

the mass-entertaining,

hooked on a loop, counting down

to more incoming footage."

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"Punjab has one of the lowest literacy rates in India. Though it has seen a rise in recent years, I encountered the virtual absence of a literary platform. The Creative Zine was founded in 2021 with the purpose of forging creativity by valuing inclusion, representation and diversity. As a lover of the written craft, I’m glad about the impact that we have been able to make since its launch. From publishing the works of regional as well as internationally-recognized writers, the scope of The Creative Zine has in turn diversified more than ever before. Almost every submission that we receive is taken care of in an utmost way. We’re blown away by the quality of the work sent our way and we hope to always receive such wonderful work. As a published writer myself, I’ve learnt and unlearnt the craft a couple of times since I've started reading and reviewing the work. Every piece that I review has this innate sense of beauty that leaves a sublime effect on my mind. I come back to these pieces again and again, for they both inspire and make me question my previous knowledge of the craft." - Harsimran Kaur, Founder & Editor in Chief, The Creative Zine


Harsimran Kaur, Founder & Editor in Chief

The Creative Zine

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